Danyel Ferrari
others will surely follow
others will surely follow was created for the EFA Project Space exhibition, Failing to Levitate, curated by Natasha Marie Llorens and Kerry Downey. Drawing on the history of the body's performance/labor in Times Square–the street, the stage, and the semi-private pornographic theaters of the pre-gentrification era–Higgins and Ferrari are creating mobile structures to host a variety of projects intended for use by both participating artists and the general audience. Composed of mobile seating arrangements and a cart that falls somewhere between a traveling film unit and a movable stage, these objects are available to arrange for screenings, performances or events. Designed to also maneuver out of the gallery and travel into the street, these components will be activated throughout the run of the exhibition, allowing for multiple functions and configurations, and questioning our understanding of mobility as both freedom and precocity.