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Friday January 28 2011, 6-10pm

Saturday January 29 2011, 2-6pm

Institutional and pedagogical structures have once again come under scrutiny- intellectually, fiscally and politically. From Anton Vidokle’s Night School at the New Museum, to the publication of Art School, to the numerous trade-based and free schools appearing in the city and internationally, recent practice and discussion in art and art education have become key spaces for questioning and re-imagining “school.” As Hunter College continues to become a more “secure” campus, its public accessibility narrows to a few spaces – the galleries being chief among them. Inspired by these projects and texts that seek to question, trouble, and retool the physical and theoretical spaces of education, ACE presents i know you know i know you know i know. This two-day event invites a number of alternative schools and projects from within New York and beyond, utilizing the Times Square Gallery as a forum to offer classes, present lectures, and screen videos. We present i know you know i know you know i know in tandem with the forthcoming College Art Association Conference as a fresh view on the pitfalls and possibilities of the academy.

Individuals include Melissa Armstrong / Meg Backus / Regine Basha / Nancy Brown / Matt Bua / Marina Caron / Che Chen / Carrie Dashow / Amanda Jane Eicher / Corrine Fitzpatrick / Liz Gall / Thomas Gokey / Mark Grimm / AB Huber / Mark Jeffrey / Athena Kokoronis / The Librarians / Daniel McGrath / Judd Morrissey / The Museum of Commerce / Huong Ngo / Jessica Posner / Joanna Spitzner / Dana Turkovic / Hong-An Truong / Chris Turner / Mary Walling Blackburn / Caroline Woolard

Participating collectives The Anhoek School / The Art School in the Art School / Trade School

With special thanks to Clementine Deliss & Future Academy


ACE Curatorial Collective is a collaboration joining current MA candidates in Art History and MFA students in Studio Art at Hunter College. Formed in 2007, ACE’s mission is to expand the dialogue of the Hunter College Art Galleries with short, event-based art projects and installations, utilizing the transitional periods between regularly scheduled programs.

The 2010-2011 members are Sophia Lucas / Valentina Spalten / Annie Wischmeyer (MA) & Danyel Ferrari / Ross McDonnell / Nickolas Roudané (MFA)

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